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Rainy City Records is devoted to producing and promoting the finest musicians, artists and entertainers in the Seattle area through the production of audiophile-quality recordings on the Rainy City Records label.The recordings and their promotion are designed to stimulate interest in these performers and musicians and bring their artistry to a wider audience. Rainy City is also dedicated to promoting interest in presenting a diverse selection of talent, spanning genres from Hip-Hop to Heavy Metal.


Talented artist/songwriter turned producer, Roosevelt Pristell, aka Rose, offers something universally diverse and interesting to the public. Rose has always had a heartfelt desire to create music. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, listening to the sounds of gospel through his aunt and R&B on the radio, Rose quickly took to music, developing an appreciation for its many different genres. One of his first introductions to live music was watching a family friend named Benny perform, singing and playing the piano on weekends at his aunt’s house. Forced to write poetry in order to graduate from high school, Rose began to see that his writing skills could help him immensely with the creation of his own music. He and his friends then began to form small bands, mainly playing rock-n-roll live in local garages. But Rose felt something wasn't right; that rock-n-roll was not ready for him it lacked a certain amount of soul, a certain amount of rhythm. It was then that he began to develop the unique diversity of his own music, which mixes his appreciation of all music influences into a heavy, transporting beat and sound that appeals to any type of music fan.

Rose continued to develop in every sense. With the creation of his own label, RainyCity Records, he has blossomed into a Renaissance musician/artist/songwriter/producer, developing and collaborating with such artists as O Gizzle, Ameerah The Songstress, Ray-Ski, Sandy, Chucky C, and noted hip-hop artist, M.80. Rose counts as his current influences hip-hop and rap artists Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Master P and Mario and sees himself at the Grammy’s as an award nominee in no more than three years. What drives him and what wisdom does he impart to his label artists and those who are looking to break into the biz? Talent is present in every one of us; sometime you must look very close to find it, but at times, it finds you,.. Rose states. In parting, he tells us that ..you should always create time for your creative _expression... Let us heed the words of this up and coming international superstar!

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